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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

healthy fast food- Who says that fast food can not be healthy

  healthy fast food- Who says that fast food can not be healthy

healthy fast food- Who says that fast food can not be healthy
healthy fast food- Who says that fast food can not be healthy

Most are not, this is a fact, but the righteous does not have to pay even for the sinner.
A nutritionist us
To help find healthier options, one leads to a major fast food chain tour. And they exist

Eating at the fast food restaurant does not have to go against all the principles
of good eating habits,
because many people think
 And do generalization. Pizzeria, hamburger and most pasta, sandwiches and other fast food specialties, when you
To save time and work in the kitchen, there are also ideal weight and health related options.

Saber Viver magazine published Patricia Almeida Nunes, author of the book "A Expert in Nutrition in Supermarket", publisher A
Published by the Sphere of Books, to sit at the table and menu for some of the fast food menu main icons
Invited to analyze. Helps you to figure out what exactly are the healthy proposals,
To avoid the calorie bomb is opposed.

1 Instruction Book to Avoid Traps

Decoration of those places where fast food is appealing, do not waste time waiting for the request and the price is cheap
 is. Everything will be right if the majority of the proposals are high rates of high rates of diabetes and excess cholesterol
Besides, there were not enough calories for that country, where more than half of the population was over.

As time goes on, it is sometimes difficult to oppose this option, Patricia Almeida Nunes
Leaves some tips to change this habit into a healthy alternative. "The important thing is that by you
Be careful about the chosen parts, the frequency and the ingredients you choose, "he says.

2 What Salad Hiding

In response to the criticisms of fast food chain, contributes to global obesity levels and a healthy diet
In an effort to satisfy the most loyal customers, almost all the menus of fresh salad and soup
Offer. However, Patricia Almeida Nuns warns that salad has some extra extras
 Those who threaten the line.

"Extra oils, fatty cheese and croqueton, that is, high-calorie fried bread.
The healthy source will be, "he says. As they fill the stomach and extinguish the hunger, the experts believe that
 "Soup is always a good option, because they help the person eat less food on another plate

 3Pizz with magnifying glass

The type and pasta of pasta were selected. Determine whether the pizza is healthy or not. Dietician explains
"The trick is to choose thin, wafer-shaped pasta, and then reduce calorie content like spinach,
 Add other vegetables and vegetables as well. "" Conch, especially shrimp, are also a low calorie option, "he said.

It should be remembered that the main source of saturated fat in the pizza is prohibited to double the amount of cheese, "
 experts say. At the time of the crisis and, at the top, for balancing, the expert "order soup or salad and
 Then advises to share the pizza with a friend

4 pasta without fat 

Pasta is a healthy proposition, as long as you pay attention to their characteristics, the way the dish is made
Goes and the material is selected. "It is always an advantage if the dough is prepared without fat in the pan.
is done. If the cook put two tablespoons of soybean oil, then only this component provides 200 or 300 calories, "they report

Even the options that we can think of is not fast food, with whole pasta, it can not be as healthy
As much as we think, because it depends on the way it is prepared. A dough with broccoli and shrimp is a great option, "
 They say. Another advice option is rap type pasta, which is usually very large salad and it provides about 300 calories

5 Healthy (not always) Healthy Sandwich 

They say that unless you avoid pasta made from mayonnaise and do not choose bread or cereal, they can be a balanced choice.
 "In the interior, you can keep ham, which is not so much calories, fresh cottage cheese is always less fat than others and mozarella
Fat is there, but it is less calorie than chicken or tuna pasta, "he says.

Nutritionist, coordinator of the Dietetics and Nutrition Department of Santa Maria's Hospital in Lisbon, also reminds that
 "It is important to always keep a gardening source, such as lettuce, tomatoes or carrots." "Grilled vegetables give an intense flavor,"
 Patricia Adds Almeida Nunces

A dietitian at the British Hospital in Lisbon advises the Portuguese nutritionist, "One since 2015
 Adhering to a diverse diet is very important. "It takes time for the family to roam and spend more energy," the expert concludes.

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