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Monday, July 8, 2019

health tips , What should-I do in 25 to not get sick in 50?

health tips , What should-I do in 25 to not get sick in 50?

health tips , What should I do in 25 to not get sick in 50?
health tips , What should I do in 25 to not get sick in 50?

WARNING: In this article you will not find attractive formulas and miraculous products that protect you from all diseases (at least because they are not present). We are talking about simple things that really help to save your health.
1 Save a thin figure
This is normal, but this fact: "There is no better recipe than to move forward and stop". In obese people, there is no chance of practicing health for a long time, and "good" and "bad" metabolism simply is not present. But there is a troubled metabolism, which is caused by the sedentary lifestyle and unbalanced diet of life.

If you can not lose weight, then go to the endocrinologist: Sometimes the overweight hormonal system provokes accidents in the workplace. It is being treated.
Take 2 games
A sedentary life style is the main enemy of health. Experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate physical activity in the week: all this is to allocate 2 to 2½ hours from 168. And the more intense your exercise, the less time you will need.

However, the gym will not survive 3 times a week, if you sit all the time and lie. Try to move more during the day. If not, then set the dog: Quadruple, running daily and communicating with new acquaintances with the same dog will greatly help you in your health. Which includes emotional too. Just think carefully about all "for" and "against" so that do not spoil the lives of both yourself and the animal.

Eat 3 balanced
Include lean meat, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts in the diet. Limit the consumption of salt, sugar and processed red meat. Well, try to drink as much juice as possible, soda water and other similar drinks - better clean water has not come yet.

4 Quit smoking
I can not throw. "- It's an excuse, without a cigar, no one has died, but because of them - even so much. If you do not feel the power to quit tobacco, ask an expert - Perhaps nicotine patches or psychotherapy will help you.

5 Limit alcohol
For alcohol, a rule applies: the smaller it is, the better it is for your health. A relatively safe dose is considered as a beer bottle (330 grams), a glass of wine (113 grams) or 28 grams of spirits. But if you can, then do without them.
6 people
Communicate with
When we stop supporting friendship, then our mental abilities are harmed, and the risk of developing depression increases. Always take time for your loved ones.

7 Follow the regular survey
Many diseases are easily cured in life. Even if you do not have any symptoms, then meet a dentist and physician regularly - just to make sure that you are healthy.

In addition to the general examinations, women have to undergo a breast cancer specialist and gynecologist, and men with a proctologist.

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