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Thursday, July 25, 2019

sex, 5 Tips to Improve Sex , How to spice up a relationship-Fast no1

sex, 5 Tips to Improve Sex , How to spice up a relationship-Fast no1 

sex, 5 Tips to Improve Sex , How to spice up a relationship-Fast no1
sex, 5 Tips to Improve Sex , How to spice up a relationship-Fast no1 

Have you ever found yourself thinking about ways to spice up the relationship? After a certain period of relationship, it is more natural and nothing more to realize the divided life in two parts.

This does not mean that the affection has ended or that excitement is over. It happens that, in the daily life of the couple, preferences change in focus. Thus, the time, at the beginning of courtship, was devoted to the discovery and discovery of reciprocal happiness, is now administered in another way.

Secure affinity, reconciliation, companions can be away from the rhythm of everyday life, acting in more practical ways. That is, as the temptation phase seems "finished", the couple stop paying attention to that point and just ... follow the flow!

How to spice up a relationship

Who said that temptation is a step? And, very little, that it can be considered "complete"?

If you have yet learned from what you have read, then stay calm. In this article we have collected 5 tips on how to spice up the relationship.

Try those people who have more to do with your profile and surprise yourself with the results. You will see how simple approaches are able to redefine the concept of your happiness. And, for a break, bring that temptation to that time: always!

1. Invest in yourself

You did not expect this, did you? After all, the idea of ​​this article is not to suggest to give a spice to the relationship of the couple? So, how to come immediately, do any suggestions come personally?

Calm down, you'll understand We start with this tip because there is nothing more erotic than high self esteem. This is undoubtedly the most erotic thing you can "wear".

It's heavy to feel good about yourself. It brings a vital energy that awakens desires again. It gives protection to the behavior and inspires new experiences of life.

Which looks beautiful, wins. Or have you ever looked at the enticing power of a person who introduces self-esteem and self esteem?

Do not make any mistake: This situation does not particularly benefit one side of the couple. You win the person you love. And those who feel loved by one who inspire praise for victory.

Therefore, loving yourself is the first rule of every healthy relationship.

Love yourself a little pampering! Take care of yourself, present yourself, empower yourself. And encourage your partner to do the same.

You will see that, by raising the relationship with yourself, you will immediately turn the relationship into two.

2. Exit the comfort zone

The couple who thinks they already know what they like. He knows what works. She knows the way to intercourse - her and the other.

Although there is no problem in following the path that leads to the right destination, a little adventure in life never hurt anyone, is not it?

Bring that concept to sex! Uncover new sensations. Give the opportunity to innovation.

  • Test a different situation. You do not need to take an avatar in Kamasutra (although it can motivate you ...). Sometimes you just do not lie down! Try to stand up or feel how a chair can turn into the best friend of your imagination.
  • Explore new places. From home, or out of Incidentally, if you have a backyard, then it can be quite optional.
  • Take a trip. Change of air change When you have fun, relax and feel happy, you are more excited about sex.
  • Different from schedule Many couples accordingly turn on autopilot. But if you think for a second, you will see how light, physical nature, temperature ... change throughout the day. It is a very effective suggestion that how to make the relationship shine without great creative efforts.
  • Add some toys. Has ever gone to a sex shop? Worth a physical or virtual store. Apart from vibrators and edible panties, the variety of items goes far ahead. Be curious! New horizons can be more accessible than you think.
  • Make room for costumes. Tell someone who excites you for your partner. It can be done by a mobile message at an unusual time of day.
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  • sex, 5 Tips to Improve Sex , How to spice up a relationship Fast no1 

    3. Invest in Preliminaries
    Yes, this is a cliche. But here's a sign of gold: Know that every cliche holds a great truth.

    One thing that leaves every beginning of a warm relationship is fine, it's time to spend in the preliminary. Excitement provokes desire.

    Remember the situations in which you look forward to food while smelling or during preparation, see what it looks like. Hunger gets agitated, is not it?

    It may look like a silly comparison, but postponing satisfaction satisfies hunger for sex, similarly.

    And how to spice up the relationship in that sense? There are no rules, but some examples may be helpful:

    • Trigger with look and more flattering compliment After all, our sexual stimuli does not stay at our fingertips.
    • Do you and your partner love to thrive? So use the technology to your advantage.
    • Recognize the heat of kisses again. The embrace, which turns into the silly hands festival. Go back to the basics, roll it. No haste Work as a teen. Excuse you can not do this Your libido will be high.
    • Explore similar areas. Ear, inner thigh, back, neck, nap, lips and lower abdomen are some strategic points. Soft touch, bite, kiss, scratch ... for both of which is enjoyable.

    4. Create a climate
    Of all the tips on how to relate to the relationship we are presenting, this question asks for the most time investment. Although you can simplify and narrow things, thoughts have to be prepared for a more elaborate time.
    Before you complain that it takes a lot of work, know: It is not that every time you lay. Even because the concept here is to get out of the rats - and not to fall into a new one.

    The proposal to create a climate has a lot with the resurgence of the couple's married life. They are the exception moments that provide new memories for the existence of each one. When we share such moments, the story is broad and with it, in complexity and intimacy.

    Now let's go, how to create a mood in the magic recipe, how to make the relationship shine? Just kidding, of course. At this point in the conversation, you already know well that there is no formula in relationships. Sensitive for some may sound sweet to others. For something that is unusual, it can be trivial to others.

    So the biggest secret is to respect your preferences. Read tips, but adapt them to your reality and desire. If this artificial force is compelled, it loses its meaning.

    Said, look at the suggestions we have chosen to motivate you:

    • Adjust the lighting. Create an intimate candle-lit atmosphere. Or give a more real aura with colorful lamps.
    • Bets on Classic: A good wine or sparkling wine helps relax and uninhabitable.
    • Add soundtrack. Music and sex are very similar. You can follow your instincts and choose the option for thoughtful style. You can also search the playlist with this theme. Or, you can also set your own playlists by searching for those songs that were part of your story with your partner. Nostalgia can be an excellent spice.
    • Do not forget the smell: Aromatic candles, sunlight or a special perfume gives a unique touch to the moment.

    5. Add a third person to the relationship

    It's not what you're thinking! We use this title to draw your attention, because the idea of ​​this last tip is a new concept of how to make the relationship shine.

    Yes this is true. We are suggesting that a third person be added to the relationship. And this extra guest actually helped the couple overcome the difficulties, overcome obstacles, difficulties ... we are talking about sexologist.
    To clarify: A sexologist is a psychology professional whose background is in sexology. Unlike doctors like gynecologists and urologist, she specializes in issues related to sex directly in her psychological character.

    The way we treat the discovery of a physician naturally, which can help us in the most diverse daily problems and can speed up our process of self-knowledge, sexual therapy to get more quality in our relationships is present. With partners and with our own body.

    We know that a friend can be a good listener. But especially in the case of sexuality, these conversations are not always so intuitive. Or, also profitable. After all, friends are not experts in this topic. She only tells her personal experience with the subject.

    Imagine that it will talk about your fear, trauma, difficulties and sexual suspicions with someone who listens to you without any prejudice. A person whom you can trust their secrets, with the assurance that they will never be public. And when you guide him, do so with a deep knowledge of the subject. Did you? So know that sex therapist is just that - and much more.

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