Dengue Fever,How to-deal with it malaria malaria wikipedia

Dengue Fever,How to-deal with it malaria malaria wikipedia

Dengue Fever,How to-deal with it malaria malaria wikipedia
Dengue Fever,How to-deal with it malaria malaria wikipedia

In countries of Southeast Asia - their sores, not familiar to Ukrainians. Therefore, tourists should be careful while traveling in increasingly popular Asian countries. The blogger and traveler kishechkakisa faced a dangerous Dengue fever in Cambodia, and shared experiences in Live Journal.

Dengue fever, also known as tropical fever, is an acute viral infection, transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti, which breeds in stagnant water bodies and is active at daylight hours.

It all began suddenly, about the third morning in Andriy the temperature rose to + 38-40 degrees. I will not say exactly. Did not measure Andrew was covered with a warm sleeping bag, assured me. that everything will be well in the morning and fall asleep. But it did not get better in the morning. The temperature continued to hold on, besides Andrei married.

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In the morning, they decided to go to the doctor quickly. Tuk-tuker explained that we need a hospital. He brought us first to the Chinese people, from there we were sent to the state. Naturally, in Cambodia at 10 am, the sun was frying, and although we were riding in an indoor crew, Andrew became ill. He lost consciousness.

In the city hospital we went to the doctor, he very politely and carefully asked us to go to private, because it personally a great turn, and take us out of turn he, unfortunately, can not. Therefore, we will have to fill out all the documents and wait.

Naturally, putting Andrew to somewhere up to three - just was not possible. Especially because the temperature did not fall. And to wait for something incomprehensible, too.

Therefore, we again sat on the Tuk Tuker and went to a private clinic. In the clinic, Andrew was given a blood test that detected Dengue fever for 15 minutes.

The doctor prescribed Andrei rest, a lot of water and bring down the temperature. This is how the fever is treated. Other drugs from her have not yet come up with. True, in Thailand, they say that they have already developed a vaccine. But it has not yet been widespread.

Dengue Fever,How to-deal with it malaria malaria wikipedia2

Dengue Fever,How to-deal with it malaria malaria wikipedia

Dengue Fever,How to-deal with it malaria malaria wikipedia

Lack of appetite, weakness, enlarged lymph nodes, is what it was. The temperature was shot down both by feverish and cold compresses.

How to protect yourself from Dengue fever?
- Repelenti
- Slim clothes on a long sleeve, long leg
- Anti-mosquito nets on the windows and above the bed

Personally, it is my opinion that even with these precautions, there may be an occasional bite. These mosquitoes are active during the day.

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Is there a Dengue vaccine?

- There is no vaccine

What shall I do?

Go to a doctor, do a blood test. If you come back from countries where such a disease exists, then tell your doctor. because there are no such viruses in Ukraine and Russia.
The disease may be complicated or hospitalized. Therefore, a doctor is required.

One more minus is that the initial symptoms of Dengue fever are very similar to malaria, which is more dangerous. Anti-malaria medicine is recommended for coarchet. Therefore, see item above.

Andrew is alive and healthy, feels great. True, he was very thin, because during illness I did not want to eat at all. All illness was delayed for 7 -9 days.

It is important: during the illness it is better not to use hot dishes and drinks. They can provoke a loss of consciousness.

Do not use air conditioner - use a fan instead.