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Monday, July 8, 2019

#7Sex tips, 7 Tips to Improve Sex,Sex tips

#7Sex tips, 7 Tips to Improve Sex,Sex tips

#7Sex tips, 7 Tips to Improve Sex,Sex tips
#7Sex tips, 7 Tips to Improve Sex,Sex tips

Talking about sex is not always easy! We have seen a growing number of tips from sexologists. Many people were educated to not talk about this and not express their feelings. But good sex, pleasure, and relationships are topics that interest thousands of people.

When I realized that we have very little relevant content on this subject, I decided to write an article with research tips, tips from professionals in the field and tips from sexologist for a healthy and more satisfying sexual life.

Many couples do not feel comfortable talking about intimate matters, especially when they include tastes or preferences after staying together for long periods of time. Ever, what was working, now does not work! There is no shame in expressing it.

Has the charm of partner reduced? Do you think there is more frequency of sex? Think of new posts, toys, costumes or something else? If, despite many internal questions, you do not know exactly what to do, a sexologist might be the ideal professional to help you.

 We have separated some tips from sexologist for you!

To give a nonsense, I talked to Witud sexologists and asked them to share their suggestions to build a relationship! Come check with me the suggestions.

1 Try new sympathy

To begin, try to visualize sexual intercourse beyond sex and vagina. A study published by the special Cortex magazine in the brain and mental processes has identified many sensitive points in our body.

For obvious reasons, clitoris and penis are at the top of the list. However, there are other areas of happiness that can be stimulated by touch, including:

  •  Nipples;
  •  Mouth and lips;
  •  ear;
  •  Neck;
  •  inner thigh; And
  •  In the lower part of the back

Studies have shown that men and women can be excited by touching any of these erogenous areas. Therefore, try to experience a caress in the above areas. It is worth a kiss, use the tips of the tongue, the bum, the tips of the fingers, with a little touch or even wings-like purposes.

Sexual orientation involves many aspects of life, such as who we feel attracted to, and how we self-identify.

Skin, in general, is extremely fertile. Explore the body of each and every inch of your body; psychologist recommends Andres Karma, who specializes in sexuality, love struggles and sexual dysfunction.

2Stop autopilot

When we have been with the same partner for a while, it is easy to enter the "Autopilot" mode. If you are there, then you should know that it is as good as unattractive.

If every sexual encounter with your partner involves only two or three positions, then you are remembering the moments of relaxation and limiting how much you and your partner can enjoy together.

To improve this, a sexologist's tip is to list the new positions to be experienced. This is not anything fancy, often in other rooms of the house dating can make a difference. Using places like living room, kitchen, pool, garden can increase desire and libido. Sex at different times of the day, unexpectedly, adding a toy or wearing more erotic clothes can also spice up that moment. Synchronizing your breath with your partner can also increase your happiness and create a sense of relation.

#7Sex tips, 7 Tips to Improve Sex2

#7Sex tips, 7 Tips to Improve Sex,Sex tips
#7Sex tips, 7 Tips to Improve Sex,Sex tips

Some couples spend years in "Daddy and Mommy" and suddenly, with the help of a sexologist, they discover that their partner secretly wanted the same things they did, but they do not feel comfortable talking about it Were.

"As the bed has already been conditioned as a place of rest for you, you can use creativity to make it a sensuous place again. Psychiatrist Andreasa says that installing low red or yellow light , Which will burn only when you are having sex, for example, your brain may be able to be related to this new stimulation for sex.

3Talk about sex after sex

Instead of slipping and falling sideways after sex, try to talk about your preferences the next time. Share your fantasies, your sensibilities, enjoy this moment to enjoy your pair and talk about what you like. Breathe during sex. Stay in the present moment and pay attention to your sensibilities.

Use your imagination as far as possible. Your brain is your biggest sex organ. Thinking that you not only help to intensify your sexual experience, but also excite a lot for a better sex. It is noteworthy that while many people believe that extraordinary things like presenting in fantasies or organism, one of our sexologists says that fantasy can be as simple as filling the room with chocolate.

4Lubricant use and abuse

For many couples, lubricant can be a major factor of change. There are many reasons that a woman may experience less vaginal lubrication:

  • Use of contraceptive pills;
  • Tension;
  • Dehydration;
  • Aging and menopause.

The truth is that with so much enthusiasm, lubricants can make meeting more enjoyable. One study saw their perceptions about 2,451 women and lubricants. Women concluded that Lubricant had made orgasm easy and loved when it was Mr.

If you have not ever bought lubricants, then there is a tip to stay away from oil-based lubricants. As long as you are in a safe relationship, you are trying to be pregnant or otherwise protected, avoid oil-based lubricants as oil can break the latex of the condom. Use silicon-based lubricants. See products that do not have glycerin or sugar. Both organisms can change the pH of the vagina and cause fungal infections.

It goes without saying that most domestic products are not good alternatives for lubricants. Avoid shampoo, conditioner, butter, olive oil, petroleum jelly and coconut oil, even if they are slippery.

5Explore your body

If you do not use your body today, you will lose it! The discovery of your body is one of the tips of sexologist who can not remember. There are many health benefits by touching and finding what works for you: It helps in D-Stress, increases blood flow in the genitals (which is essential for healthy sexual activity), in response to sexual intercourse and intensity. Improves.

Knowing your own body is the starting point for complete sexual fulfillment. Masturbation can be a powerful ally in this process - especially for women. Sexuality of the University of São Paulo (Prosex) According to project data, more than half of them (55.6%) have difficulty in getting orgasm in the medicines faculty of São Paulo (USP) University. On receipt, the woman will find out where and how she should be touched or loved to cry.

6Take care of self esteem

Sex, self-esteem, physical and mental health are fully interconnected. For example, insecurity with the body can interfere with libido and desire for sex. On the other hand, other aspects of life such as day-to-day stress and engagement with work can also help to cool down your relationship. First and foremost, the first and most important step is to be good with you. It is important to take care of yourself and feel comfortable with the mirror image.

According to psychologist Ana Paula Dias, experts in joints care, self-esteem and sex have total connection. To have sexual desire, I see it is important to realize that we are desirable, but it starts with us, that we are right for ourselves. Knowing how to deal with our flaws. Instead of realizing the value in what we have, rather than keeping track of what we do not have, in the pattern in which we are not fit.

There is everything with self-esteem happy and complete. A song that you love in the middle of the room can be a wonderful time to listen to it and reduce shame.

7 Do not close the door when desire is revealed.

According to a sexologist and psychologist Giovan Oliveira in Vittudea, sex may be in the background, with the co-existence of marriage in the daily life or two. Sometimes we are lost in various regular activities and responsibilities, such as considering home care, shopping for the week, and scheduling.
#7Sex tips, 7 Tips to Improve Sex,Sex tips
#7Sex tips, 7 Tips to Improve Sex,Sex tips

During these activities, desire and horn can be seen in a companion, and if this happens then do not leave for later. Sex and marriage are just as important as other activities. When we do not give space for the desire to flow, it is natural that the resistance creates, and sex rituals can become. Unplanned is a part, it can wake up more desire and can give more enjoyment.

It also inspires us to think about 'scheduled sex' in marriage. The crowd and every new activity that we believe may be such that a person sees sex as something else that should be planned and fulfilled, as if it was actually a function. Make room for your wish! This point is sometimes common among those couples who are trying to get pregnant, who rise from such a firm end for self and unpleasant sexual activity. In some cases it can cause difficulty in erecting in men, in front of such collection and obligation, that sex begins to assume.

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