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Monday, July 8, 2019

Simple health Tips, for a Healthier Life in 2019

Simple health Tips,for a Healthier Life in 2019

Preparing the list of resolutions just before New Year's Eve is a ritual that helps inventory the past year and renew hope and pursuit for achievements and positive changes in what is beginning.

So, go ahead, make yours and believe in the importance of each of the items. Just do not forget that in order to have energy to pursue your goals, it is worth including also attitudes to ensure your physical and mental health.

Take advantage of expert tips here and look for more quality of life and balance in 2019:

In search of perfect sleep
Simple health Tips, for a Healthier Life in 2019
Simple health Tips, for a Healthier Life in 2019

OK, it will not be well at the party of the turn of the year that you will plan to sleep, but going to bed at the same time makes a lot of difference in the quality of sleep, otherwise the brain becomes alert, making it difficult to follow a sequence of restful nights. Also try turning off electronic gadgets and avoiding stimulating drinks an hour or two before bed. "The so-called sleep hygiene also includes neutral and relaxing activities on a day-to-day basis. Whether it's doing meditation, singing in the shower, planting a vegetable garden or interacting with family and friends with joy, "says Monica Andersen, director of the Sleep Institute and professor of sleep biology at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp). "Sleeping well brings about a more beautiful skin, sharper defenses, orderly weight and better sexual performance," he says. Cardiovascular health is also grateful, since sleep deprivation is responsible, for example, for an increase in blood pressure.

Seek socializing and good relationships

The psychiatrist Alexandre Saadeh, a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and a physician at the Institute of Psychiatry at the University of São Paulo Medical School's Hospital das Clínicas, suggests simple attitudes that have the power to transform the day and the emotions around. "Be polite, polite, greet people, say good morning, good afternoon, excuse me and excuse me. Besides facilitating social interaction, these actions predispose people to humanized and more gentle contact, "he says. Saadeh also suggests looking after his appearance: "Feeling attractive and engaging facilitates human contact and fosters relationships."

Seek the Best of Life

"I have a series of decisions that will help me to get a healthier 2019," says Carlos Eduardo Barra Couri, endocrinologist and researcher at the Medical School of Ribeirão Preto, USP. "Although I have all of them, let me tell you later: I would have frequent health examinations, because even with all the prevention, we may have some quiet surprises, which the body does not tell us - but the tests show." Given the advice not to skip routine appointments, write down and adapt to your life, the plan of Barra Couri for a year with more well-being: "I would have more moments for myself, like reading, exercises, movies. I would think long before eating, promoting a good discussion between my brain and my stomach with every meal. I would sleep more, I would drink a glass of Serra Gaucha wine with my wife on several days of the week. Finally, I would try to see the positive and joyful side of things. "

In search of habit changes

It is possible, yes, to overcome the difficulties and to engage in the commitment to eat better and to do physical exercises regularly. "The main reason not to turn plans into action is that, most of the time, the person is planning an ideal world. When you go to real life, things depend on previous steps to make them happen, "says Antonio Lancha Jr., a physical education professional and food expert. "A very simple example: you decide that in the new year you will start eating three fruits a day. Great, but you need to organize when you buy the fruit, set the time it will consume, leave the food ready to eat - and remember to do it, "he instructs. "The same way happens when the subject starts from the direct sedentariness to the resolution of running every day. Faced with such a challenging decision, the risk of failure is great and he can go back on the idea, "he says. Start by pursuing achievable goals, seeing if you can get to work later or wake up early a few days a week. And leave for the action, leaving T-shirts, sneakers, shorts ... "All in a way achievable and sustainable," suggests Lancha Jr.

In search of good choices

"From the nutritional point of view, there are several choices that allow a life with lower disease risk, prevent clinical complications, result in greater longevity and, at the same time, bring pleasure, taste, appetite and quality of life," reflects the nutritionist Mauro Fisberg, coordinator of the Center for Nutrology and Food Difficulties of the Pensi Institute in São Paulo. The doctor then summarizes his main tips: "Be balanced, eat everything, without exaggeration. Consume less animal protein and more dairy. Less sugar and more complex carbohydrate, pasta, cereals and whole grains

The year-end approach fuels concern about how to maintain the pillars of a balanced lifestyle, physical activity, stress management, happiness, and sleep. To begin with, says nutritionist Bianca Naves, from São Paulo, you can enjoy without fear the festivities of the end of the year. "If you want to achieve healthy weight and health, social events can be a part of life without any detriment to the bottom line," he said. "Cooking is what sets human beings apart from other living things. So, taking advantage of the parties to prepare family recipes helps to alleviate anxiety, also contributing to the nourishment of the body and soul, "he teaches. "Try to eat slowly and savor the dish you set up, enjoy the moment and experience your choices without guilt. Try to reconnect with food and seek balance and health every day, and not only when the calendar tells you that a new year will begin. "

Look for exercise. And good companies

It is no secret: among the possible changes in search of more energy, strength and well-being, the adoption and maintenance of an active lifestyle are not beyond any list of purposes. "There is no ideal activity. Different combinations generate similar benefits, "says Tony Meireles, coordinator of the postgraduate program in physical education at the Federal University of Pernambuco. Therefore, the recommendation is to engage in a mix of practices that stimulate the cardiovascular and muscular systems, with strength and power training. "If they are done in a group, in conditions of low risk of injury and high level of amusement, it is much, but much, better. The tip is to start 2019 by discovering what kind of practice fits in your pocket and can be shared with cool people, "Meireles says. And not too complex, after all, fun is part of the experience.

In search of going to the dentist without suffering

Frequent visits to the dentist can save a lot more than just the teeth. After all, studies continue showing the link between oral hygiene and health as a whole. So to prepare for a year away from trouble in the body, you can not belittle the importance of brush and floss. "Without proper care, bacteria take over the mouth, and they will not only cause gingivitis and periodontitis. The products of these inflammations travel through the bloodstream and can impair the control of heart problems and diabetes, "says Giuseppe Romito, a professor of periodontics at the University of São Paulo. If you can not open your 2019 schedule with a visit to the dentist, at least make sure you have room for the oral checkup as soon as possible. After all, the idea is also to smile more throughout the year, right?

Seek Your Purposes

"Realizing that your life makes sense makes all the difference to physical and mental health," says biologist Elisa Harumi Kozasa, a researcher at the Brain Institute at the Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo. There are studies showing greater longevity among people who feel participative, whether in a successful career or engaging in the education of their children or grandchildren. Another important point is to "erase the emotional fires". Kozasa explains: "For example, if we pay attention to the signs that precede an outburst of anger, we can move it to a more constructive course, choosing how to react and significantly improve our emotional quality of life."

Calm your mind and seek stress control

The ideal is to put the plan into action even before the turn: "Try to minimize the demands that are being imposed. Expectations, on the one hand, are our driving force, but on the other hand, they can cause anxiety and affect well-being, "analyzes psychologist Ana Maria Rossi, president of the International Stress Management Association in Brazil. To put a good start of the year and extend the physical and emotional energy over the months, pay less attention to what you have missed and focus your mind on the here and now, for things that really depend on you. "Meditative practices and activities such as yoga are welcome to relax and soothe the mind at times when overcharging triggers stress. With them, it is possible to focus on what we have and what we are, not what we feel obliged to have. And this is reflected in empowerment, self-esteem, pleasure and happiness, "guides the psychologist.

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