health tips,Obesity is the gateway to other ,obese meaning

 health tips,Obesity is the gateway to 

obese meaning

 health tips,Obesity is the gateway to other ,obese meaning
 health tips,Obesity is the gateway to other ,obese meaning

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity can be understood as a result of a positive energy balance as a multifunctional condition that is in favor of accumulation of fat.

It is linked to health risks due to the relation of blood pressure, cholesterol in the blood and triglyceride levels and complications like insulin resistance.

The reasons for this are biological, historical, ecological, economic, social, cultural and political factors. It is also related to poor diet, the current eating and living methods and mainly, the food system implemented in the country.

Overweight and obesity are in the group of factors that build the way of modern populations, which consumes the most processed food, energetically dense and rich in sugar, fat and sodium. Consume with quantity which are beyond the individual requirement. . This imbalance, partly, is to change the dietary patterns associated with less practice of physical activity, both during work and leisure period.

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Due to obesity, not only the person but also the environment and the social, on which the person's ability to intervene is very low or not.

Apart from being a risk factor for many chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes and hypertension, the evidence supports the evidence to support the claim that it also increases the risk of developing cancer.

Obesity and cancer
In partnership with the Global Fund for Research on Cancer (WCRF) in February 2014 by the National Cancer Institute (INCA), the document "Policies and Functions for the Prevention of Cancer in Brazil: Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity" indicates disease in the country Many cases can be avoided if our obesity indicators were better.

According to study statistics, obesity is responsible for the high rates of cancer diagnosis among men and women, with the following prevalent symptoms:


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