health tips ,What is_the significance of milk in food?

health tips ,What is the_significance.of milk in food?.

health tips ,What is the significance of milk in food?
health tips ,What is the significance of milk in food?

Milk for UN Food and Agriculture Organization is one of the main foodgrains providing calcium in human nutrition according to FAO. Consumption of milk and its derivatives provides the necessary proteins and minerals to sustain and maintain life for humans.

For the food and nutrition of Brazil, the consumption of these foods is recommended to reach a substantial amount of calcium, a mineral which is fundamental to the structure and maintenance of the organism's formation.

The main carbohydrate lactose present in milk is there. It contributes to the absorption of intestines of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus present in sugar, as well as the use of vitamin D by the body. These micro nutrients are important in relation to the metabolism of the bone.

Casein, present in milk, is a protein of high biological value, which is the source of essential amino acids, which is essential for the development and maintenance of body tissues.

Consumption of these foods is also associated with low risk of health problems such as metabolic syndrome, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers.

Due to its milk and milk consumption and its effect on body weight management, promising results are seen, due to the release of stimulating hormones.

For individuals who need to consume 2,000 kilocalories per day, according to the Brazilian population's food-friendly food pyramid, daily consumption of three parts of dairy products can be used in daily recommendations for calcium and protein maintenance. As recommended. Health.