health protection-agency,new .health-english,health information

health_protection-agency,new health-english,health information
health protection-agency,new .health-english,health information
health protection-agency,new .health-english,health information

Life is essential in health. Body-health healthy only. A healthy nation is the wealth of people. Here are some tips for health care.
Meals: The food being eaten in the health care.system plays an important role. By including daily diet, fruits and vegetables, health will help. Be careful not to eat low-fat foods. This will cure cancer-like illness.

Suppose Gaining Weight: A problem with many-people. High risk for high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke is high.

Exercise: This is a for many diseases. Exercise to.invite diseases. Develop a habit of exercising everyday.

Quit smoking: Smoking will spoil your health. Smoking-causes.cancer and lung disease. It also affects people who smoke the smoker.

Vaccination: vaccination vaccination under specific circumstances. While doing some work, vaccination should be done in some areas.

Reducing stress: To .maintain health, it is necessary to.eliminate mental retardation. Be careful for workplace and conflicts in the house.
Keep a positive lifestyle: Know that the disease is not sick. Health care is essential for a healthy lifestyle.