Teeth,Whitening Prices, new

Teeth,Whitening Prices, new

Teeth,Whitening Prices, new
Teeth,Whitening Prices, new

Having whiter teeth can really give your confidence a boost. On the other hand, having yellow teeth can really destroy your confidence and make you want to hide your smile. This doesn’t have to be your way of life because unlike many other things, yellow teeth is something you can get rid of. There are many different methods of getting whiter teeth. This article will be about teeth whitening prices and will also give you the pros and cons of each method.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
This is probably the cheapest method since they cost about the same as any other toothpaste. These types of tooth paste will normally contain extra fluoride that can help whiten your teeth. The advantage of getting these types of product is that they are cheap. You can get a tube for a couple of bucks. The disadvantage is that it may take a long time to see any type of results. This is the cheapest in terms of teeth whitening price.

Teeth Whitening Tray
These are basically thin trays that has whitening gel in them that goes onto your teeth. Basically what you are doing is bleaching your teeth. The advantage of this product is that the results are a lot better than the toothpaste. The disadvantage is that it can cost about $50 for one of those tray kits. You can also get this professional done meaning the trays will be molded to fit your teeth perfectly. This can make using these trays a lot more comfortable but it can cost you about $200. You can also get them in a small package where the gel is already in the tray which are stored in foil bags for under $30.

Whitening Strips

These are similar to the trays but instead of using trays to apply the bleaching agent to your teeth, it uses thin clear strips. The advantage is that they are more comfortable to wear than the trays. The disadvantage is that they will also run you about $50. This will vary though. You can also get the 7 day supply for about $30 or so. They will also come in a 10 day and 14 day kit as well. The results you get will depend on your teeth but you should notice some pretty good results about 1 or 2 weeks in. You may feel some sensitivity when using this product as well as the trays however. If it’s something you can stand, then just keep using it. If you can’t stand the sensitivity, then try something else.

Laser teeth whitening prices can vary depending on where you get this procedure done as well as the condition of your teeth. The advantage of this procedure is that it’s really quick. You can come in with yellow teeth and walk out with white teeth in about an hour. The disadvantage is that it’s expensive. It can cost anywhere from $500 to over $1,000. Again, it depends on where you to as well as where you live. Another disadvantage is that if you want to gradually get your teeth to become whiter so that no one knows you’re getting anything done on your teeth, this method will definitely get people to notice. Of course, if you don’t mind then that can be an advantage.

The prices for teeth whitening, as you can see can vary depending on what method you choose to use. Within the different methods, the teeth whitening prices can also vary depending on brand and quantity. The trays or strips can come in a larger quantity and will cost more for example. Whichever price of teeth whitening you decide to pay, just make sure that you use the productsconsistently in order to get the best results. Of course, this doesn’t apply to the laser treatment. You can find any of the above products online for a better deal.