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Liposuction Recovery Info

Liposuction Recovery Info

Liposuction Recovery Info
Liposuction Recovery Info

To obtain better and speedy results in any post-surgical recovery process, it is essential to be extremely cautious and follow instructions sincerely. The same rule applies to the liposuction recovery process, lead time to resume a normal life is depending on the size of the treated area. If the instructions are followed carefully, the recovery becomes easier since the patient’s overall health is fully analyzed before the surgery. Unless the patient is completely healthy,liposuction is not done on them.

Initial phase of the recovery after liposuction takes at least a week, starting with moving around normally. During the first week, one can even find it easier to return to their normal work with minimal discomforts like pain, swelling, and bruising. It is important to keep in mind that recovery from liposuction and the pain level varies from person to person. Doctors advice to avoid alcohol for the first 2-3 days after the surgery, but drink plenty of water to avoid problems with dehydration. Compressive garments are suggested to improve and increase blood circulation and reduce swelling.

Plastic surgeons recommend tumescent liposuction,where local anesthetic substances are left in the treated area to provide more post-surgery comfort with less pain. In addition, taking mild or prescribed pain killers can help reduce the pain during tumescent liposuction recovery period. By doing things slowly like standing up slowly after urinating or a bath, having some assistance initially to move around can save the patient from fainting and falling down. One need not be worried, if the weight is the same or goes a little up, since the fluids are present in the tissue swelling, it may take quality time to wash away while urinating.

One must understand that there are other parts inside the skin like blood vessels, lymph channels, are either changed or removed during the surgery. Body must go through a great restructuring process, and can affect the liposuction recovery period; speeder the reorganization process, quicker the recovery, and vice versa. It is strongly recommended to have a better immune system to recover faster, since these small changes can make an impact in the overall immune system. If the immune system goes down, patient becomes prone to infections.

Experts say that it will take months to see an expected result with the liposuction procedures. It is highly important to understand this fact. Under / over estimating the turn around time to get the results can lead to physiological disturbances, which can create delays in the liposuction recovery process. It is advisable to talk to the surgeon well before the surgery and clearly understand the outcome of the surgery.

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