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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

health, How to Increase Your Energy Level5,

health, How to Increase Your Energy Level5,

health, How to Increase Your Energy Level5,
health, How to Increase Your Energy Level5,

Until recently, I felt amazing energized on a daily basis.  I relied on this energy to carry me through my intense week of serving others in a mental health setting and loving myself and others in my life.    So when my energy levels began to fluctuate I was confused about what was going on.  I went through a period where I was finding myself a bit fatigued and run down.  How could this happen?  I was exercising, eating lots of live foods, staying hydrated, meditating, practicing yoga, etc.

It was not pleasant dealing with this at the time, but  now I find myself very grateful for the gift I received from the fatigue.  It gave me an opportunity to do some personal investigation.  It was a time to go within and deeply tune into myself to find some answers.   As is most cases, there was not one reason for this loss of energy.  I discovered several things going on.  I want to share my personal findings in hopes they will offer some ideas for any of you struggling with a loss of energy.  We are full of infinite wisdom.  We have all the answers we need.  It just takes a little time to settle down and listen to ourselves.
Top 3 reasons why my energy levels were not even:
1.  Poor pacing: I sometimes find that my raw food diet gives me so much energy that I extend myself too much and forget about appropriately pacing myself.  Even if we have lots of energy, it is important to take breaks, to make time to do “nothing,” etc.
  • I got back into writing out my intentions for each week and wrote out my priorities.  I looked at the big picture and made better decisions about what to say “Yes” and “No” to.
  • I began to pause more during the day and not take on so many things at once.  I got back into starting my day with my meditation practice which seemed to help me set a more peaceful tone for the day.
  • I increased the amount of yoga during the week as being on the mat seems to release the chaotic energy and gets me deeply centered and peaceful.
2.  Hormonal change in my body: I realized that some of my symptoms were due to peri menopausal issues.  Eating a live food diet can significantly reduce these symptoms, but the reality for me was that the hormonal changes in my body have been creating some fluctuations in my mood and energy level.
Solutions to my hormonal issues:
  • After some research on natural ways to regulate moods I decided to start taking:  folliculinum 30c (liquid homeopathic for emotions) and Estrovera tabs by Metagenics for my physical symptoms.
  • Started going to bed earlier.  I am working on getting to bed by 10pm every night.  I am making good progress, but need to develop this habit!
  • I started getting b-12 and b-6 shots every week!  It took a few weeks, but I am really noticing some positive changes in my mood and energy level return after taking these shots.  A local ND has her nurses give the shots at local health food stores.
  • I started drinking some water mixed with a heaping tablespoon of HealthForce nutritionals (greens) first thing in the morning.  This product can be used in place of your multivitamins.  I feel terrific and just love how I feel when I start my day this way!
  • I started talking to other women about hormonal changes  and doing more research about it.  Just getting more education is therapeutic.  I don’t buy into everything I read, but it has given me some ideas on how to help myself naturally.    I will be writing more about this in future blog entries.
  • Increased my self care activities:  skin brushing, doing face masks, stretching at night before bed, using fun essential oils to relax me, more time looking at the flowers and birds in my backyard, etc..
  • Started doing some energy medicine exercises recommended by Donna Eden in her book:  Energy Medicine for Women – great resource!!!
  • I started listening to kirtan and inspirational music again.  This seems to lift my spirit and gets me dancing at times.  Singing and moving shifts our mood in very meaningful ways!
3.  Engaging in negative self talk As things got busier at work and as I saw my husband more stressed out, I started engaging in more negative self talk.  I got lazy with my discipline of mindfully choosing my inner thoughts and they began to influence me in negative ways!
Solutions to negative self talk:
  • I began to listen to an affirmation CD on my runs and in the car on the way to work.
  • I started listening to CD’s on lectures about healthy ways to manage stress and how to increase happiness in our lives.
  • I began to journal and use my Angel affirmation cards and other positive affirmation cards.
  • I reached out to my happiness buddy, Michelle, on a regular basis.  We sent little encouraging messages to each other daily and talked briefly on the phone from time to time and helped each other laugh.
  • I started a new group at work called:  “Doing What Works” which has challenged me to focus on solutions rather than on what it wrong.  I had been putting off starting this group and decided to just make it happen.  I have seen the positive impact this group has had on others and it has gotten me out of my slump at work.
  • I realized that I need to do more to spiritually protect myself from all of the negative energy I am around during the day at work.  I now do some energy medicine exercises recommended by Donna Eden in her book, Energy Medicine.  I have also been using some wonderful sprays by a new company : – they make amazing sprays designed to help in every area of your life.  I am using one that helps healers stay protected and clears space.  It has been very helpful at work.
  • I have been engaging in my loving-kindness meditations again.  I simply put my hand over my heart and say to myself:  May I know peace and the root of all peace; may I know love and root of all love; may I know happiness and the root of all happiness; may I feel safe and secure and calm.  I then extend this blessing to my husband and others in my life.

As I ment health How to Increase Your Energy Level5,ioned above, I am grateful for the temporary moodiness and fluctuation in my energy level because I learned some valuable lessons about pacing myself, tuning into the needs of my body, and the discipline of positive self talk.
If you are having any struggles with your energy level, I highly recommend you take some time out to do some of your own investigating.  We are so intelligent and know what we need.  We just need to take the time to listen and act on what we learn from ourselves.
I hope you are drinking lots of water, consuming yummy organic greens and fresh fruits and veggies.  Be well and know I am here if you need some encouragement on your raw journey!
In peace and love,


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