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Hair Replacement Systems

Hair Replacement Systems

Hair Replacement Systems
Hair Replacement Systems

To gain confidence in oneself, it is very important for a person to maintain a good look. Be it male or female, dense and beautifully done hair plays a vital role in giving a better appearance to the outside world. People lose hair due to various reasons but most of the times it’s because of genetic or medical conditions. Hair replacement systemsare the only solution to get back the lost hair, especially if the loss is due to medical conditions. There are proven studies that patients recover faster when they see a better, healthier image in the mirror.

Even though there are more than 2,000 topical and oral products available to come out of hair loss / thinning of hair problem, only two – Propecia (DHT-inhibitor) and Rogaine (hair growth stimulator) – are FDA approved. They work mainly in the areas of crown and bridge of the scalp. Surgical procedures are considered as the best hair replacement systems, since they give better results and have no side-effects. Experts say that using Rogaine and surgical hair replacement system are safer for both male and female.

Baldness that happens due to genetic reasons in men is known as male-pattern baldness. Androgenetic Alopecia is the modem medical term, derived from combining androgen (male hormone) with genetic (the reason for baldness). Other common reasons are autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss in small circular areas of the scalp, and the side effects of few medication and treatments like chemotherapy. If the person is too young to undergo surgical procedures, choosing a non-surgical male hair replacement system is important.

If you are a woman who is going through the suffering due to hair loss, it is easier to understand how embarrassing and frustrating it would be. It is very important to understand the difference between hair extensions and hair pieces and to choose an appropriate, custom made hair replacement system for women. Hair pieces should be customized for your particular needs in order to create a flawless blend with the existing hair. Integrated hair pieces are the best solution.

Low-level laser therapy is also being used as a hair replacement technique in the clinics for both male and female. This therapy stimulates hair follicles by increasing the blood supply to the scalp, stops the progression of hair loss by 85%. However, it is always advisable to consult with a dermatologist first to find the cause of a hair-loss, and second to choose the appropriate hair replacement systems. What this can give you is a better sense of confidence in yourself. Instead of trying to hide your shame with things like combovers or wearing wigs, you will be able to walk around in public feeling good about your new look.

 Although your appearance really shouldn’t matter, we all know that it does. Someone with a full set of hair will come off as more likeable and more successful than someone who is balding. This may not be fair or even accurate but it’s the rules that society created and therefore, having hair on your head is definitely an advantage.

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