benefits of fitness,and wellness, fitness quotes

benefits of fitness and wellness,fitness quotes

benefits of fitness,and wellness, fitness quotes
benefits of fitness,and wellness, fitness quotes

We always hear from people how good they feel after they’ve worked out, done a Pilates or yoga session, or done some sort of fitness activity. What if I told you that fitness activities not just impact our physical health but also boost our mental health and wellbeing?
It’s been proven over the centuries by yoga practitioners how yoga has immense positive affect on one’s state of mind while achieving muscle strength, flexibility and improved posture which are a few among its many health benefits. Same be said about other forms of fitness exercises.
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Fitness is one of the main components of healthy lifestyle and a key to wellbeing. It is essential to incorporate some type and level of fitness activity in your everyday lifestyle to achieve optimum health. Whether it is walking, running, doing Pilates, Yoga or cardio exercise, depending on the frequency fitness activity along with other healthy habits, you will achieve some sort of positive results.
benefits of fitness and wellness
Our bodies are so versatile that no matter what age you are, you can incorporate different exercises on regular basis to achieve good health benefits. The movement of your joints and limbs is so intrinsically connected with ability to breathe properly that exercising without breathing properly can result in little to no health benefits. I call it the “Body Mind Harmony”. When you are breathing properly in accordance with the different body movements, your mental state is in equilibrium with your physical state. That allows for the optimum fitness results. In general, you need to breathe out during power stroke of the movement. For example, you will breathe out during abs crunches when you come up contracting your abdominal muscles and breathe in when you lie down, allow your lungs to take in oxygen to their full capacity so it can be delivered to the muscles in your body. That results in less down time and optimum results.

Once you’ve mastered the correct breathing technique during different body movements, you will not only gain its benefits but also experience the shift in your state of mind generally. I am a firm believer and have experienced firsthand that when any form of exercise is done correctly along with correct breathing and correct posture I not only physically feel good, but mentally my mood is uplifted as well. If I do any cardio exercises without pushing myself too hard where I allow myself to control my breathing in the right way, I have less downtime. I can perform different exercises on more regular basis than I used to before, simply because I didn’t incorporate the correct method to exercising.
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So, the bottom line is that exercising with correct breathing techniques not only improves your physical health but also vastly contributes to wellbeing. Incorporating some form of regular exercise will not only benefit your body but also your mind!