shayari status,love, new

shayari status,love, new

shayari status,love, new
shayari status,love, new

• They came to us for the benefit of us, from us,
We have a lot of influence in our dues of understanding
• Mashroof that happened in his life;
He forgot what he forgot, he did not even remember
• Were the clothes of Ishq's sheet in the market of Luv  ...
The people also take the shroud ...
• Loyal and you .. Well good,
Infidelity and we ... also good to blame ...

•love shayari status

shayari status,love, new
shayari status,love, new

If the promise is not fulfilled, do not promise it,
The promises in this game do not break hearts ...
• People say we have a lot of beams ...
And we hide tyred  pain hiding
• Both of them were shocked by the wealth of mums,
 I did not come to steal, you did not earn
• It seems that this time I will stay in luv,
 Tonight I have seen myself being wasted
• Let's see what the two scales, the mahakhane will remember,
Had come some crazy, to forget your luv
•  In my life, except for your memories ...
Now do not ask someone to ask me
• He repeatedly remembered his words,
He pleaded with them for the price,
He left him for his happiness. Then,
He weeps over with somebody
• No one "dies"

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न्यू लव शायरी 2019

You are in front of "Misha Meri.
• How long do you name your fate,
Hey Ishq you made me a spectacle.
• Only two things incomplete have been incomplete,
I can not tell you anything, and you can not understand the other.
• Staying away from you even when you are in front,
What a big example of helplessness.
• Do not trust people in this world
The one who ruined me was very lucky.
• In the torrents which will get burned.
Asking that date, my address will be found

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